Ferrari 512TR

Ferrari 512TR

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2009 6 14・粒江PA~与島PA!

The 1992 Ferrari 512 TR: A /DRIVE Film.
When a car looks and sounds as good as this, you don't need to talk. For those interested the music is available on iTunes:

Fire up - cold start of a Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer
Firing up my 1976 Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer after two months having stood in the garage... Note the flame after the backfire! The procedure for a cold engine is as follows: Twist the ingnition key to the first position. You will hear the clicking of the fuel pumps as they start delivering fuel to the carburetors. After approximately 15 to 20 seconds, pump the accellerator pedal to the floor four or five times, squirting lots of fuel into the intakes. Then, while holding the accellerator pedal about a third of the way down, twist the ignition key to the start position. You will hear a deep, exiting, expolding bark as the engine comes to life, accompanied by significant quantities of smoke out of the Exhaust tips, as the oil that hs been resting in the cylinders is burnt. If the ambient temperture is cold and the car has not been driven for a while, the engine may die, necessitating a repeat of the above-described prodecure. Once started, the rpms should be kept at 2,000 until the smoke clears, usually in about two to three minutes. Out on the open road, at low to mid-throttle, the moaning and slurping sound of the Webers is the dominant sensation. When the throttle is opened wide, the result is a massive roar and a seamless delivery of power. The smooth power delivery is deceptive as a glance at the speedometer usually reveals speeds greater than expected. The sound of the engine when extended is exciting and is similar to the sounds emanating from Jody Scheckter's and Gilles Villeneuve's Formula One flat-12s!

フェラーリ512TR in 池袋
テスタロッサ初のビッグ・マイナーチェンジ版として199 2年に登場したのが512TRだ。伝統の180°V型12気筒ユニット 、ボッシュ製モトロニック2.7の採用や圧縮比を10.0:1に めた結果、425HP/6750r.p.m.、50.0kg-m/5500r.p.m.を発揮するま に至った。エクステリアでは、フロントが独立したグ ルとコンビネーション・ランプに改められ、リアエン の形状も変更された。またテスタロッサではメイン・ レームとリアのサブ・フレームとで構成されていたが 512TRでは完全一体型のフレームとなった。 ●水冷180°V型12気筒DOHC4バルブ ●4943cc ●425HP ●生産台数:2280台