Ferrari 512TR

Ferrari 512TR

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Ferrari 512TR Testarossa take off (1994)
Just installed high flow cats, and high flow Exhaust.....and my shoe got stuck in the throttle during a shift... note to self, wear slimmer shoes.

4x Ferrari FXXK Insanely EPIC Sounds!
I have filmed FOUR Ferrari FXXK in action around the circuit of Imola during a private Ferrari Corse Clienti event. Video shows the beasty FXXK's being driven flatout from different points of the track, turn up the volume!! Subscribe! Facebook: Twitter:

【辰巳PA】フェラーリ512TR 加速サウンド

Ferrari 512TR... beautiful sound !
Ascoltate la sinfonia del 12 cilindri di questa gloriosa Ferrari... direttamente da un raduno di Rosse.