Drag Racing 2011 - Pro Mod - Final Qualy - NitrOlympX Hockenheim

Last chance saloon for the FIA Pro Modified. Who will make into the eliminations, who will be on trailer? So far Top Qualifier Micke Gullquvist obviously was sure of not being bumped out as he did not appear in the line up of this session, which was as follows: Jürgen Schomann shut off (bye) Robert Koper vs. Peter Ritscher Marco Maurischat vs. Tami Brander Rolf Ammann vs. Robert Joosten Linda Thun Tønseth vs. Adam Flamholc Jan Gunnarsson vs. Roger Johansson Marc Meihuizen vs. Norbert Kuno Mats Eriksson vs. Bruno Bader Urban Johansson vs. Andy Robinson shut of Johan Lindberg bye

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Drag Racing 2011 - Top Methanol Funny Car - Final Qualy - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Final qualifying session for FIA Top Methanol Funny Cars. As usual at least with one run missing due to my camera. Pairings: Jürgen Nagel bye Jarmo Kuuntniemi vs. Arvid Grødem (run itself is missing, but I kept the nice long burnout in the video) Ulf Leanders vs. Danny Bellio

Drag Racing 2011 - Super Twin Top Gas - Qualy #2 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Next up the second qualifying for the Super Twin Top Gas Series.

Drag Racing 2011 - Supertwin Top Fuel - Final Qualy - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Dramatic last chance saloon for the UEM Supertwin bikes. Christian Jäger so far had no satisfying run and was yet not in the field. Former multiple European Champion Roel Koedam not even had set a time so far. So who will be in the show, who will be packing his stuff?! The running order: Petri Mattsson bye Christian Jäger Roman Sixta vs. Hans Olav Olstad Samu Kemppainen vs. Roel Koedam Lorenz Stäuble vs. Job Heezen Hope you enjox this video. If so, show me....

Drag Racing 2011 - Top Fuel - Final Qualy - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Final Qualifying for Top Fuel. As 18 year old youngster Kenni Neergard lined up with his father the session before everyone thought that he already had his licence and is now trying to qualify. As it turned out later he was still in the licencing process, because otherwise he would have sent Andy Carter on the trailer. Line up: Micke Kågered bye Jari Halinen vs. Risto Poutiainen Urs Erbacher bye Anita Mäkelä vs. Thomas Nataas Kenni Neergard