08 STI - Invidia N1 Race TBE (Catless)

Vid of my Invidia N1 turbo Back Exhaust. Fully Catless

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Invidia N1 Race Catless 2013 Subaru WRX
Invidia N1 Race Catless sounds. Start up and Idle 00:14 Revving 00:30 Outside Cruising 01:02 Outside WOT 01:21 Inside Cruising 01:47 Inside WOT 01:53 Inside Launch Control 02:06 Intro Song: Hillsong United - Oceans

Invidia Racing Exhaust 08 STi
Stage 2 STi with a Catless Divorced Wastegate Downpipe and the Invidia Racing Exhaust. Shot with a Flip Mino HD

2008 STi w/ Invidia Catless Downpipe, Invidia N1 Resonated Ti Exhaust (External)
A couple pass-bys outside w/ the new Exhaust set up. I have to say I like this more than the HKS Legamax I had on. It sounds so awesome under WOT especially in 3rd. :D

2008 STi Invidia Turboback Epic Sound
Tweaked sound settings to get as real sounding as I can get with my equipment. Stats as same as before for my car, see my other posted vid.