King coat powder coating gun.MP4 powder coating a rim with Powder buy the pound silver Mirror base coat and POWDER365.CA Candy Red. All Powders shot with the King Coat gun. BUY PRODUCTS FROM WWW.POWDER365.CA Check out are website @ www.POWDERBUYTHEPOUND.CA

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As well as alloy wheel refurbishment we are able to carry out powdercoating and wet painting on many other objects. These range from motorbike frames and motorbike wheels to rocker covers and callipers. In fact we can coat anything metal that will withstand the curing temp and fit in the curing oven. Rest assured we only use high quality, high flow powders which are the most expensive but the best. For more information 01209 822564 Video and editing by

Blast Coatings Powder Coating | (4K)
Watch the process of how my wheels changed from blue to red! Huge thanks to @Blast_coatings for the quality work! If you are in need of powdercoating please contact him! Facebook: Instagram: @BLAST_COATINGS Follow me for more! @bigapplemagic

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gloss black rims (

Powder Coating Rims
Neon Pink Rims (