My 02 Z28 Dyno session

Brought my 02 Z28 to New Era Performance in Rochester NY to have it Dyno tuned.

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Hellcat vs Camaro ZL1 - Dig Racing
We caught a Hellcat out playing around with a Camaro and a few other cars. Everyone is getting ready for Dig Night in March! Fan Page: Twitter:

04 Mach 1 vs 02 Z28
Mach 1: Exhaust & intake (290rwhp 312rwtq) Z28: mid length headers & bolt-ons

2001 Camaro Z28 on the Dyno
Took my car down to Speed Productions in Jackson Mississippi to get a Dyno run on it, I had been wanting to this for awhile and when the chance came for 3 Dyno runs for $50 I couldn't pass it up, so I brought my car down and had them run it. My car is an A4 with 2.73's, mods are SLP LM1 cat-back, SLP lid, and Ported & Polished throttle body, nothing else. The car put up some surprising numbers: 325.55 RWHP 347.43 RWTQ Temperature in the garage was 99 degrees, humidity was 31%. With an 18% drive train loss, which I think is standard for the 4 speed automatics, the car should be making 384.19 horsepower to the crank. Also, I apologize but since I uploaded the video to youtube the audio seems to be very quiet, you may have to turn up your volume to hear everything.

tyler's cam and nitrous z28 dyno
bolt on and cam ls1 z28 with 100shot on the Dyno by slowls aka greg t.