2001 Chevy Malibu 0-105 Flat out!!! part 1

Just a fast little family car going 105 twice.

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0-60 in a 2001 Chevy Malibu
Actually, when I looked at the movie later on, it turned out to be more of a 0-70 run! The accelerator has to be feathered off the line due to the cold pavement and narrow snow tires. It is set up to shift about 300 RPM before red line under full throttle, as close as one would want to get with a car they have to use for their daily bread transportation, it helps with longevity. Kilometers are 213,000 or 132,000 miles. The car was in 3, not overdrive, thus the sharp eyed would notice the tachometer at 3000 RPM at 70. In overdrive, the RPM at this speed is just over 2000 RPM, giving nice, quiet and long-legged cruising.

Malibu vs. Cavalier Must See!!!!!!
Malibu vs. Cavalier

Cheap and easy Chevy Malibu air intake.
Here is a quick video on how I installed a Spectra cone air filter. I am hoping to get a bit better fuel economy out of er. This is not a cold air intake. Just a quick cheap way to install a reusable filter that may or may not improve your fuel economy. After some time in and a few tanks i will let you know if it got better gas mileage. UPDATE! So this has been installed a few months now I it definitely has more pep and gets way better fuel economy. The old filter was pretty dirty so that could be why the old filter was so bad but either way it sounds great and helped a lot with fuel economy. But ya have to keep your foot off the floor to see the good fuel economy! Fuel economy or sound. It's up to you. Ya don't get both. Part number 8136 universal air filter on Amazon.ca

2001 Chevy Malibu 3.1L rod knock
Vehicle had intake manifold gasket replaced, throttle body and IAC cleaned. It then started stall while test driving, followed by starting to make this noise. The day after this video was made, I moved the car into my driveway and it stopped running for good, refusing to turn over. Once I opened it up, found one of the pistons had disintegrated and a chunk of it got wedged in the crank. I also found the head of a valve. My best guess right now is that a valve seat dropped into the cylinder and started to rattle around until it broke the valve, which then busted up the piston. The engine in the car has since been replaced and now runs like a champ.