Chevette Racing

baby vette.... doing burn out... 350 small block

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1500hp Chevette??? WTF!?
85hp from the factory witha 90ci motor... you would have never expected to see the Chevrolet Chevette on a race track..especially at DRAG WEEK! This Chevette has had some extreme modifications made to it, including a huge 555 cubic-inch, twin-turbo motor pushing it down the 1320 in less than 8 seconds!! Would you have the balls to drive this thing?! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

1980 Chevette w. SBC and TH-350 - Startup and Test Pass
This video was taken on 12/29/2015 after I had the carb rebuilt.

Low 9 second Chevette
Chevette drag race car goes 9.35 @ 140mph in 1/4 mile drag race. 406 SBC with 116hp Nitrous shot.

Infamous Auto SBE TT LS Chevette vs Turbo Slobra
Castrol Raceway - Fall Street Car Rental 2016