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Pequeno video resumindo o histórico do ENGESA EE-25 6x6 Boomerang, da Estancia Girassol em Delfinópolis - MG.


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Ford F600 6x6 subindo morro part 2
Caminhao militar Ford F 600 6x6 subindo morro perto to enxuto Campinas

Veiculo Militar Operacional - Special Forces
Veiculo militar equipado para combater em terreno com rocha, areia e silte. Fabricante : DEJONG SPECIAL OPS VEHICLE Peso: 2700 lbs. (1225 kgs.) Motor 6.2 Liter V-8 LSX Transmissão: 4 Speed Manual Chassis: 4130 Chromoly Tubing Rodas / Pneus: 35"-12.50"- R15 :: 15x7 Curso da Suspensão: 20" Traseiro e 22" Dianteiro Amortecedores : Fox Racing Shox Freios: Wilwood www.calpro.com.br www.foxshox.com.br

Military Vehicles [Swiss/Switzerland]: MOWAG Piranha 3C APC/IFV (Die Schweizer Armee)
The MOWAG Piranha is a family of armoured fighting vehicles designed by the Swiss MOWAG, which since April 2010 has changed name to General Dynamics European Land Systems - Mowag GmbH. The MOWAG Piranha is available in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10 wheel versions. There are several variants within these versions, giving different degrees of armour protection and several kinds of turrets, for use in a variety of roles. Piranha derivatives have been assigned roles as troop transports, command vehicles, fire support vehicles, tank trainers, and police vehicles. Four generations of vehicles have been produced, manufactured by MOWAG or under license by other companies, and variants are in service with military forces throughout the world. Piranha derivatives have been manufactured under license by General Dynamics (Canada), BAE Systems Land Systems (UK), Komatsu (Japan), Cardoen and FAMAE (Chile), and in the USA. The 8x8 US Army Stryker vehicle is derived from the Canadian LAV III which in turn is based on the Piranha, as is the LAV-25 family in service with the USMC. The Australian Defence Force also has its own modified version of the Piranha I 8x8 known as the ASLAV (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle). The ASLAV is operated by two cavalry regiments (the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment) and is used in the armoured reconnaissance and armoured personnel carrier roles. Some variants, like the United States Marine Corps's Light Armored Vehicle-25 (LAV-25) and its derivatives, are equipped with propellers for amphibious use, though their abilities are limited to sheltered waters. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOWAG_Piranha http://www.mowag.ch/En/02E_Products/021E_PiranhaIII.htm http://www.army-technology.com/projects/piranha/ http://danskpanser.dk/Hjulkoretojer/PiranhaIIIC.htm (Danish)

Engesa EE-25 6x6 1988 Boomerang (HD)
Viatura totalmente original, mecânica Mercedes Benz 352-A, sistema de tração 6x4 permanente e 6x6 engrenada através de alavanca individual. Pneus 1200x20.

CTT3000 Carreta Tracionada Basculante 6x6 Moldemaq Tracionada para Trator Yanmar 1050.wmv
Carreta Tracionada Basculante capacidade de carga de 3.000Kg, para trator Yanmar 1050 ou Tramontini 5045. Seu trator 4x4 passa a ter tração 6x6 com a Carreta tracionada MOLDEMAQ

Puch Haflinger Alfs 6x6 Haflinger
Alfs 6x6 Haflinger at haflinger club meeting at Dersingham 2008

Unimog abrindo trilha pro raid

M113 Desatolando Truck 6X6 Engesa EE-25 (FullHD) - Exército Brasileiro
Dois M113B desatolando um Truck 6X6 Engesa EE-25.

Caminhão Militar Engesa EE-25 6x6 boomerang 1988
Viatura em excepcional estado de conservação, garantidamente um dos melhores existentes no Brasil atualmente, 100% original de fábrica, 100% operacional. Galão reserva, pá, picareta e machado. Manual de serviço e catálogo de peças original Engesa. Arrematado da Marinha do Brasil já em excelente estado, tendo sido apenas repintado e corrigido pequenos detalhes. Toldos novos, bancos originais sem qualquer defeito, documentos em dia, licenciado em 2013, apto a ir rodando para qualquer lugar da América por estrada ou fora de estrada. Tração 6x4 permanente e 6x6 opcional.

Caminhão com esteiras sendo testado no transporte de eucalipito nos locais de dificil acesso a outros tipos de equipamentos demonstrando ser muito eficiente em rampas e terrenos mole como varzeas.maiores informações: luis.fernando@eficas.com.br

Military Vehicles [Brazil]: Engesa EE-9 Cascavel "Rattlesnake" AFV (Exército Brasileiro)
The EE-9 Cascavel is a 6 x 6 armoured car developed in the 1970s by Engesa of Brazil. It used as many commercially available parts as possible. It also shares many components with the EE-11 Urutu APC. The suspension system employs Engesa's own boomerang double-axle rear drive. In its most common configuration, the Cascavel III, it is equipped with an Engesa turret mounting a 90 mm Belgian Cockerill Mk 3 gun produced under licence. The name of the vehicle is the Portuguese word for "rattlesnake". It was sold by Engesa to Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Iran, Peru, Ecuador, and other countries. It was used extensively in the Iran/Iraq War and the Gulf War. VARIANTS * Cascavel I: Original vehicle, had a US M36 37-mm gun turret. * Cascavel II: A variant with a French 90-mm gun from AML-90. * Cascavel III: Uses the 90-mmCockerill gun and new transmission. * Cascavel IV: Has a new engine and transmission, improved day and night optics with laser rangefinder, and .a 50 cal antiaircraft MG. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EE-9_Cascavel http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/brazil/ee-9.htm http://www.armyrecognition.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25 7 (in French)

Engesa 1124
Trator Engesa 1124. Potência 240 cv.

Trilha do Pinheirinho em 11.12.2010
Caminhão Chevy 1942 no Tobogã da Trilha do Pinheirinho, na Serra da Cantareira, em 11.12.2010.

Engesa 4x4 maravilhosa
engesa 4x4 pneumatica,unica no brasil.


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