Yamaha Aerox S6 Streetrace 70cc

-Stage6 Streetrace 70ccm! -Stage 6 Wingcooler Team -Stage6 SKF C4 -Polini For Race 3 -Dell'orto Metrakit 19mm -Stage6 Racing Torque Control -Metrakit SP Series -Hebo CP -Polini Kevlar - Polini Air Speed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdiJ4PO-nAE&feature=plcp

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nitro stage 6 racing mk2
mon nitro en 70 stage 6 racing mk2 pot r1200 variation complete stage 6 grand plage avec embrayage delta clutch carbu 28 dell'orto pipe dadmission stage 6 passe vers larriere allumage ittalkit selletra

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Yamaha Aerox Tuning - Stage 6 Street Rox
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nitro stage 6
mon nitro