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Video OPTION High Speed Challenge and Crashes - Vol.200 Part 1 of 13
We start with Yatabe Test Circuit and watch as cars pass the 180mph 300km/h mark including a death defying crash. Nurburgring Skyline GT-R challenge and we watch some highlights from the Bonneville Salt Flats. for more exclusive content. The legendary Japanese video magazine, VIDEO OPTION is finally here on GTChannel in English! From the creators of Drift Tengoku and Street Legal, volume 200 has us relive some of Video Option's greatest moments. In Part 1, we relive some of the most memorable high-speed moments as shown to us by the one and only Daijiro Inada. As always, stay tuned from more videos. Next Episode: Playlist: About Video Option: In Video Option you will find drift, drag, time attack, speed challenges and Wangan races featuring Daijiro Inada and many other JDM heroes such as Manabu Orido, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada and Ken Nomura. This is the video that started it all! The English version of Video Option is brought to you by GTChannel LLC under license by Sunpros of Japan.

11 Paganis & Morohoshi Shuts Down Tatsumi
11 Paganis, Morohoshi's Holographic LED Aventador, Hypercars mixed with JDM cars at Tatsum = Insanity. This is quite possibly the craziest thing I've ever witnessed. I hope you guys enjoy, this is what Japanese car culture is all about. My Gear: Sony AX-53: Circular Polarizer: Microphone: Gopro 1: Gopro 2: Laptop – DSLR: Lens: _______________________________________ Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook:

Touge Heroes Project 2

Japan : Street Life メイハムメディア Street drifting illegal
Facebook : Instagram : @directorlukeh 日本のストリートドリフト。 Every weekend dedicated groups of automotive enthusiasts will gather from midnight until the early hours of the morning to leave rubber on the streets. This is where drifting started, this is grass roots raw street drifting. Getting caught by the local authorities is not an option with fines up to and over 500,000円 ($5,600 USD) and instant loss of your license. This is just another night of street life. Film / Edit / Grade : Luke Huxham