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Midnight Touge JDM Insider 2
The reason i bought an SC300. Takahiro Ueno is such a huge inspiration. i cant wait to afford a Vertex kit so i can sort of pay homage to him for getting me into these cars. I highly recommend you buy JDM insiders vol.2 Yokohama Street Drift. i got it new on amazon for like $4.

Japan : Street Life メイハムメディア Street drifting illegal
Facebook : Instagram : @directorlukeh 日本のストリートドリフト。 Every weekend dedicated groups of automotive enthusiasts will gather from midnight until the early hours of the morning to leave rubber on the streets. This is where drifting started, this is grass roots raw street drifting. Getting caught by the local authorities is not an option with fines up to and over 500,000円 ($5,600 USD) and instant loss of your license. This is just another night of street life. Film / Edit / Grade : Luke Huxham

Touge Drifting in Japan
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Low Style Heros -Japanese Drifters Come Show Us How It's Done.
Subscribe to my channel!- For this in depth look at the Low Style Heros event in Shenandoah, Virginia we see people all of skill levels attack this drift event up in the mountains. Hitting full Boost around corners with cars powered by a variety of engines like the sr20det, 2jz, and rb26- people really killed it out there. Mk4 Supra, S14's, 350z's- you name it it was there! Thanks for watching! 2nd channel!- Follow me on wheelwell for QNA questions! Key Tags- New t-shirts are out as well! MOAR BELOW. New shirts!- Snapchat!- DJP4 Twitter- @thatdudeinblue Facebook- New decals!- Stay awesome. Drift into blue squad and subscribe! Songs used- Pegboard Nerds - Speed of Light (Andy C Remix) [Monstercat Release] Muzzy - Break Away (feat. Priority One) [Monstercat EP Release] Rameses B - Virtuality [Monstercat Release]