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顔振峠 4輪 走り屋 touge japan
80年代後半~90年代前半の映像 シャインレーシング 80's~90's oldschool "touge" japan.

Nostalgia Hero - AE86 Teaser
This teaser features Jesse's RHD AE86 on the touge. We will soon be shooting again to gather better footage with his new ITBs and a few other goodies.

ITB S2000 + Supercharged NSX - Casual Touge Run.

A "TRUE" JDM Integra Type R Turbo doing a touge run
This is a true JDM Honda Integra Type R turbo, not a converted USDM Acura, running through Hakone in Japan. See the car's histor here: ...