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World's Quickest and Fastest Evo 8/9 (CT9A) - World Records
The world's quickest and fastest Evo 8/9 (CT9A)!!! Brought to you by STM Get parts to make your car go fast at: (585) 226-8226

World Record - Chris's Project X - Stock Turbo Evo
2013 EVOLUTION X GSR Weight: 3119 (with interior) HP: 380 TQ: 393 Best ET: 11.169 Best MPH: 121.14 Stock turbo Stock Motor STM 3" Intercooler STM Upper Intercooler Pipe STM Lower Intercooler Pipe f

TPG Tuning Evo 9 and FP Zero - 154mph Stock Frame Turbo!
The TPG Tuning crew and I rented out MIR for one purpose - obliterate the fastest stock frame turbo mph. We successfully set a new world record from 151.78 to 154.05mph with the Forced Performance prototype FP Zero! Only the first 60ft of the track were prepped, which is why it looks like I was driving on ice. ET would have been lower and mph likely better with a fully prepped track. If you want to go fast with your Evo, simply go to and give us a call! Huge thanks to: TPG Tuning Curt Brown Racing Forced Performance turbochargers

Worlds FIRST stock block Evo into the 9s! STM Tuned!
Cessna's Stock Block FP Red powered EVO is the first Stock motor Evo to break into the 9s! Stock Bottom end Head and Oil pan have never been off the car! [ stock rod bolts! ] FP REd E85 Built and Tuned by STM!