Stoneys's Model Car Junkyard Diorama Remade And Finished...(~_^)

Man of man Diorama Fever caused me to redo my whole junkyard tell me what think....i still got some cars in there that need work and have to paint a paved road in front of shop.... to finish perhaps a fence.....overall layout is final though....until next time (~_^) 3rd times the charm haha

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early iron
model car junkyard diorama

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Take a tour of Auto Salvage Heaven in 1:64 scale Mystic Beach. From the "Front Office" where all those crashed cars end up to await the adjuster, to the Impound Shed, then over to the Salvage area where all the "totaled" wrecks are inventoried, stripped for parts, then off to Rust in 'Pieces' before being hauled off or crushed for scrap.

the new yard up close your welcome to subscribe ,like and share thanks for watching in till next time Stoney out (~_^)

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