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viper goes off cliff
ho no!!

VIPER drives off a CLIFF!
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Rider's Last Moments... | Rider Goes Off Cliff | Johnny5sWorld
GoPro footage of a riders last moments before crashing and going of a cliff. After speaking with the rider I beleive several factors caused this crash. the debris all over the road including the rocks that hit the riders faceshiled moments before the crash probably spooked the rider as well. Once the rider began the right hand corner and went slighlty wide there is tons of loose gravel in that section of the road which probably caused the panic to not fully lean or apply brakes which resulted in the crash. - More details below Any Negative comments will be removed, if you know who the rider is, for his privacy please do not put his name on the video. Follow me on Instargram for more moto-related content: Footage Captured: GoPro Hero 3+ Video Edited: Sony Vegas Pro 12 (Platinum Edition) Audio Created/Edited: Fruity Loopz/VirtualDJ (DJ Rinzler)

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