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viper goes off cliff
ho no!!

Nissan GT-R gets AIRBORNE then crashes on Backroad !!!!ORIGINAL!!!!!
During a cruise a Nissan GT-R gets airborne and crashes UPDATE: I am not the one driving, also we DID stop to check i loaded the video on my page of us doing so.

CRAZY Cliff Driving Crash | BMW M3 Drives Off Cliff
While speeding around in Mesa, AZ, the front tires of the BMW M3 hit gravel and lost grip. The car flipped over a cliff and was totalled, but the driver was unharmed. Original link: SUBSCRIBE: SUBMIT your video: LIKE us on FACEBOOK FOLLOW us on TWITTER FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: Music: Titan of the Deep by Prototype Raptor | Highwind by Prototype Raptor |

Car free falls 18 stories into Chicago River
Ouch!! 2 black Cutlass' launched from 18 floors above into Chicago River. The cars are destroyed. Filmed with 6-35mm cameras and a crash cam in the car. This is my camcorders view of it from 2 of the camera positions.