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VIPER drives off a CLIFF!
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Longboarder goes off cliff (El Paso, TX)
Francisco Bocanegra demolishing this run and himself. He's alright, no worries just a few flesh wounds.

Chinese man creates own Lamborghini out of iron and an old van
Wang Jian from Jiangsu province, China, builds a Lamborghini Reventon for $10,000. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Men make their own Lamborghini Diablo: Subscribe here: Current affairs, amazing footage and incredible stories. Welcome to ODN - On Demand News. Formerly the ITN YouTube channel, ODN is your home for the top visual stories happening across the globe. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Google+: More stories from ODN: Body illusions you have to see to believe: IS video shows 'conversion' of Yazidis to Islam: Police crash into vehicle going the wrong way on M6: George Bush takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge: Islamic State to US: We will drown you in blood: Cat rescued after 53 days in a chimney: Baby in pushchair rolls off platform onto railway: Pope Francis poses for a selfie: Africa's last polar bear dies of a broken heart: Officer stops apparent suicide attempt: Flash flood smashes through hospital doors: US launches new surveillance satellite: Body of American tourist found in suitcase: Crashing car misses pedestrians by inches: Kurdish reporter confronts ISIS militants: RIP-Robin Williams makes US troops laugh: Stroller blown onto London tube tracks: See 2013's Most Watched Videos: Watch our videos with more a million views:

Car free falls 18 stories into Chicago River
Ouch!! 2 black Cutlass' launched from 18 floors above into Chicago River. The cars are destroyed. Filmed with 6-35mm cameras and a crash cam in the car. This is my camcorders view of it from 2 of the camera positions.