Starting 1913 Studebaker Model 25

Starting our 1913 Studebaker Model 25 Roadster

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1909 Cadillac First Start in 79 Years
This 1909 Cadillac was stripped down into a speed car, raced and then parked in 1934. I was acquired in the early 1960's for restoration. The restoration was put on hold for many years and then re-started a few years ago. After multple checks of the ignition and timing we finally achieved the first start on July 28, 2012. There is still more to do to tune the engine and sort it out for driving later this year. The spray on the first try happened when we left the primer cups open. It runs better with them closed. And the owner did make it a bit easier by adding an electric starter to the car. For more of the story see the HCCA Gazette, May - June 2009. To see how things turned out, see the related video, 1909 Cadillac first drive at

1915 Buick c37 engine
this is a 1915 Buick C37 engine in a unknown 1913 roadster body the body was right hand drive at one time the body has not been modifide to fit the buick frame,,

GMC CCW First Start in Decades
9-28-10 Another rig I picked up on craigslist for a song and a dance. The engine was rusted stuck when I got the truck (I pickled it with diesel fuel, reason for smoke). After running for an hour the engine cleared up. #4 cylinder must have a stuck valve still, as its missing and you can hear a pushrod tapping the side cover. This truck is a CCW not CCKW, it has no front drive differential. That is a puddle of garden hose water under the truck, (the truck was missing a freeze plug.

Mercury Motclair 1955 first start in 22 years.
Mercury Montclair 1955 som blivit stående i 22 efter renoveringen och startas upp för första gången. Mercury Montclair 1955 that has been in a garage for 22 years after the renovation and started up for the first time.