98 lincoln continental racing 1/8 mile

stock lincoln continental low 9s 1/8 mile

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Lincoln continental dyno run 3
Made 252FWHP @174 degree coolant temp. Gutted cats, ported throttle body, gutted cats,straight pipe, custom k&n 98 car with 01 c head engine still untuned.

32v DOHC Lincoln continental Dyno Run.
Put down 240whp with a 98 car with a 01 engine and still tuned as a 98, running lean and needs tune up. No mufflers from the cats back to 3" Megs tips

1998 Lincoln Continental Quick Drive
This was my first Run & online post when my vids were in another account. It was a 98 Continental Beginning & Ending Credits sounds are of Gearhead291's 98 Lincoln Continental.

Flowmaster Super 40s & Cat Delete on a Lincoln Continental
Installing Flowmaster super 40s and removing the 3rd catalytic converter and resonator on a 99 Lincoln continental.