Carving the sculptural table "Roadrunner". David Groth documentary, chapter 6 of 9.

The legs and top forming this sculptural table will be carved from a single piece of wood that is the root section and trunk of a myrtlewood tree. As you will see there is quite a problem to solve in deciding how to approach making the initial cuts into this tree section. This video is the sixth of 9 chapters in my 81 minute documentary titled "The creation of abstract form in wood: Carving sculptural tables." More information can be found on my website

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Wood Carving - Power Carving/ Engraving Demonstration
See how easy it is to engrave or carve just about anything. This demonstration is on how to carve a leaf pattern onto a wooden coin using power carving, high speed engraving equipment. We simply copy our pattern onto mylar stencil film, place the pattern onto the surface of our engraving project, then trace the lines right through the pattern paper. With high speed, power carving equipment, you won't even know the stencil film is there, See how you can engrave or carve almost any surface - by Profitable Hobbies.

Thuja Stump Chair Carving
Took a while, but here is my latest piece of log furniture. A rotating chair made out of a Thuja (Whitecedar) stump. Tons of interesting wild grain inside, and the shape was perfect for a 'bucket seat' style comfy chair. I made with chair with a variety of tools such as chainsaws, angle grinders and power planers/sanders. A beautiful wood to work with, but since it's a conifer the wood quite soft. Sanding therefore took LOADS of time getting it perfect. But in the end, the end results justifies all the countless hours of sanding. It is very comfortable, shaped to support your spine and shoulders. Ideal to read in. Thank you for watching!

tallando madera 41 yt.wmv
VENTA DE PLANTILLAS EN FORMATO PDF DESCARGA INMEDIATA. woodcarving talla en madera informacion de la talla en madera Libro de ornato vol. 1

Wood carving Granddaughter "Jane"
Granddaughter "Jane" (5) Carved out of lime wood