15 yr old first fight in cage Brian Ortega signs with the UFC

gracie torrance teen first fight in a mma style match,signs with UFC

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MMA Teen Fight: Ryan "Killer" Jackson
Ryan Jackson in his first grappling (semi-contact) match. (He's in the black/gray shorts) The other dude, in the white shorts, is older and heavier than Ryan. But, Ryan holds his own! Watch to see who wins! Please ensure your comments are respectful and considerate of the children who come here. The Evolution Fighting System here in Louisiana does not allow full contact strikes for minor children.

Franke,14 years old, takes on Crowthers, only 12 years old at Hard Knocks Fighting - Junior MMA
These two fighters make history as the first Junior MMA match in Saskatchewan. Roark Franke, 14 years old, out of Estevan Combat Sports and Christian Crowthers, 12 years old, out of Regina's Chi Ki Fight Team stepped into the Hard Knocks Cage on June 1, 2012 at Hard Knocks 24 in Estevan. This fight was fought at a catch weight of 130lbs with modified rules - no shots to the head. This fight is brought to you by Industrial Electric. http://www.industrialelectric.ca/ For more information on Hard Knocks events, please visit, http://www.hardknocksfighting.com/

Ortega Wins by KO
Brian Ortega came out of the third round against Clay Guida with a knockout win on Saturday at UFC 199. It only took one round for Beneil Dariush to defeat James Vick.

Sage Northcutt - 19 Year old World Champion HIGHLIGHT [UFC Newcomer]
19 year old world kickboxing champion with training in several other martial arts since a young age. Competes in both juijtsu, wrestling, tae kwon do, kickboxing and trains boxing. Also Elite Tumbler Gymnast and Swords fighting champion. Songs: 1. Psymbionic 2. Pretty lights - hot like sauce (artifakt remix) 3. Manic Menert - whatever you want 4. Venice Venture (Big wild) X "Throw some D's" 5. The M Machine - Dont Speak (Manilla Killa Remix)