Roary The Racing Car Full Episode Secret Treasure

Roary The Racing Car Full Episode Secret Treasure . Secret Treasures, Roary, Tin Top and Drifter look for buried treasure at the beach but are disappointed to find it covered in litter

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Roary The Racing Car Series01 Eps1-3
Roary is nervous before a big race the next day. Big Chris tells him the story about the day the brave little red racing car arrived at Silver Hatch Race Track. Roary has spilled oil all over the track and is told to clean it up. He doesn't do it properly, will the cars manage to avoid the oil as they race round the track? Marsha is feeling ill and Big Chris sends her home, telling her not to worry, he and Roary will take over her job for the day. Disaster strikes when he mistakes the flags for oily ragsā€¦ will they be able to find something else to use instead?

roary the racing car full in HQ

Roary's Day at the Seaside
Big Chris and Roary have gone to the beach to get some sand for the gravel traps. They get caught up building sandcastles. Will they make it back to the track with some sand in time for the race?

Junkyard Jim -- 3 Short Episodes of new kids animation series
My kids love this show, it keeps them quiet for 10 minutes and they want to watch it over and over... "Junkyard Jim" has become a regular shout every time I open my laptop!!!