Ferrari 458 Italia in HD - Transmission Breaks Down During Test Run - F458

Video from my test drive of a Ferrari 458 (F458) Italia outside of the town of Maranello in Italy. I was happily pushing the car towards the upper end of 8k RPMs when something happened with the transmission (redline is 9k). Watch video to see... For those who are interested...the transmission didn't actually break down. It had happened on a run earlier in the day and just needed the computer to be reset as the car was approaching the maintenance interval.

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Me Breaking a $300,000 Ferrari 458 Italia in Maranello
Me breaking down in a 458 Italia during a test drive in Maranello. Just to be clear, it wasn't my fault. There was a fault in the electronics which limited the car from revving over 4000rpm. Once we stopped at the gas station, the mechanic came by, detached the battery, and let the car reset itself. Worked like a wet dream afterwards. Sorry for the weird aspect ratio, that's just what their video recorder does.

Woman crashes her Ferrari 458 Speciale into a Ferrari 458 Spider
I filmed a woman who tried to back her Ferrari 458 Speciale out of a parking space, but she hit a Ferrari 458 Spider that was parked behind her. There was no big dammage, but the owner of the 458 was not very happy. My Facebook Page: My Google+: My Instagram:

Ferrari california crash Testdrive em Maranello
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2013 Ferrari 458 Horror crash at Suzuka
Happened a few weeks ago, but wow this crash was bad. As seen on Facebook: