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FJ on Fresh and Very light Snow

Driving the FJ on fresh and very light snow Depth of snow is between 50 cm to 100 cm Very soft spinning = stuck


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Cingolato Soccorre Quad YouTube
Quad Cingolato soccorre Quad impantanato nella neve.

Frog Hole @ RC. FJ saves Jeep. Then FJ goes in
Rausch Creek Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - FJ Bruisers Spring Mud Fling 7 - Brian rescues a jeep from the frog hole then attempts it himself

Fj cruiser
Trying to get up my driveway. Stuck.

Cliffs Winter Ride 2012 _updated_360
Winter 2012 Cliffs insane terrain off-road park. 2- H'3, 2-FJ's and 2 YJ/TJ's... The only insane ones to show up after 8" of snow on top of ice covered trails. This guy has the white FJ: https://www.youtube.com/feed/UCHS0rotr0EFxGgEXvS98eMg

Супер вездеход своими руками Часть 1 Super Car cross-country vehicle
Супер вездеход своими руками Часть 2 http://youtu.be/aZ86fevQt6c Зрители и подписчики я создаю новый канал, т.к. на этом отключили монетизацию.Буду рад всех видеть. Буду стараться радовать новыми видео как можно чаще ссылка на канал https://www.youtube.com/user/BezBab22 Скачать игры и программы для Android http://games-android-free-iphone.blogspot.ru/ Вездеход своими руками Super CAR

FJ Cruiser climbs a boulder in Stylin' Trucks' Parking Lot!
Stylin' Trucks' resident photographer, Una, uses her new FJ Cruiser to climb a boulder in the rear of the parking lot.

Pathfinder, Jeep and Quad in deep snow.
New Year's Eve Ride 2009/2010

FJ Cruiser out climbs rockcrawlers
La Grange off road park this bad ass FJ out climbs all these rockcrawlers

BEST FJ Offroading Complilation video
Compilation of off-roading videos

Toyota Tercel simply unstoppable!
Toyota Tercel simply unstoppable and amazingly capable off roader. Ehden, Lebanon

FJ Cruiser Off Road Cougar Buttes - Cakewalk Trail Pt1
Johnson Valley Cougar Buttes - Cakewalk Trail Pt1 Wheelers: MKJeepers, BigDouggieDoug, Cammo, baja dan, Mongo, jlucas350, ALLSMELLER, Jafres49, 80Jon, FJJeremy, bobbynelson0730

Toyota Prado vs FJ Cruiser vs Nissan Pathfinder on snow
Testing Japanese 4x4 on snow

FJ Cruiser Miss FJ wheels Hells Gate on Hells Revenge
FJ Cruiser driver Miss FJ wheels the difficult Hells Gate at Hells Revenge Trail in Moab Utah.

2007 FJ Cruiser vs 2006 Land Cruiser
2007 FJ Cruiser vs 2006 Land Cruiser. Both Toyota's are 100% stock. 2007 FJ Cruiser, 4-liter V6, 239 HP @ 5,200 rpm, 278 ft lb @3,700 rpm, curb weight 4,295 pounds. 2006 Land Cruiser, 4.7-liter V8, 275 HP @ 5,400 rpm, 332 ft lb @ 3,400 rpm, curb weight 5,425 pounds.

Jeep Rubicon and Toyota FJ Cruiser Off-Road in Hawaii
We witnessed first hand the capabilities of both vehicles on the trails. I'm personally a Toyota guy, having owned several Toyota 4x4s, an FJ and now a Tacoma. They aren't evenly matched because the Jeeps articulation and flexibility with the solid front axle, shorter wheel base and being lighter weight. Driver experience, error and patience were also contributing factors in how each vehicle performed. We didn't create this video to make one seam better than the other. Ohana Trails is a Jeep Club here that we were filming and by chance, a group of FJ Cruiser owners were convoying with them. Unfortunately, we had more video of the Jeeps over the FJ's. All in all it was an epic day up in the mountains at Peacock Flats on Oahu looking over the North Pacific. HD video produced by FreedomRiding.com Music: "Pedestrian" by O-shen

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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