MX 6 Exhaust Sound

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KLZE turbo side exhaust
I was rear ended last weeks and it destroyed my Exhaust piping. I threw this together with a Maganaflow straight through muffler and some scrap pipe I had left. It is by no means permanent but it sounds neat for the time being. Gotta get a new clutch ASAP. :(

Nurburgring 2010 - Mazda MX6 KLZE - 10m 15s and 80mph spin at Pflanzgarten 2
This is my 2nd lap at this years Nurburgring trip in my J-spec Mazda MX6. I've had to chop the 1st 15 seconds to get it on youtube. I estimate it would have been sub 10 minutes if I hadnt been held up by the 350z and spun off at Pflanzgarten 2 corner. Roll on 2011!

MX6 KLZE +bolt ons quick pull
just doing a quick pull for some car buddies pull doesn't start till 1:30 accidentally hit the rev limiter in 1st KLZE Probinator chip Ebay shorty headers, straight piped to greddy muffler HEI mod with Accel superstock coil Aston Martin OEM air filter KLDE valvetrain ebay STS that's it as far as go fast mods

Mazda 323F KLZE Exhaust sound tunnel
mazda 323f KLZE Exhaust sound and acceleration