cb1100f.net Springride '08 Leaving lebanon

After a good lunch at the Motorspeedway, we sped away! onwards to massachusetts! Featured Players: PGsmick LarryG, Point Diver and Warpspeed

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Chasing the Wild Goose - Part One
Riding a 1983 Honda CB1100F along Lake Road in Webster, NY to to the Irondequoit Bay outlet, where the Canada Geese gather looking for food.

Leaving Cb1100f.net spring ride
The Massachusetts Crew (1/3rd of the ride) leaving the hotel. Includes PGSmick, DT900, Mr. Honda, Warp Speed, LarryG and PointDiver. Footage by SeSmick

Cb1100f.net Spring Ride '08 Leaving Fuel station
Everyone taking off from the morning top-off.

CB1100F RS1000カスタム 高速走行
CB1100F RS1000カスタム 高速走行