cb1100f.net Springride '08 Leaving lebanon

After a good lunch at the Motorspeedway, we sped away! onwards to massachusetts! Featured Players: PGsmick LarryG, Point Diver and Warpspeed

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Cb1100f.net Spring Ride
Right before the rain hits i was able to take a short video! Enjoy

1983 honda CB1100F
parting out or sell whole,runs great.

Ma CB 1100 F
Ma CB1100 F

Deal or No Deal - Lebanon
June 2008 An appearance of peace has returned to Lebanon; but as Hezbollah grows in power, political tensions are becoming palpable. Has the country finally entered a long-term settlement, or are we witnessing the preliminaries to a new conflict? Thanks to massive financial and military backing from Iran and Syria, Hezbollah has emerged as a powerhouse over the past years. Keen to display its power, it has repeatedly had the upper hand in skirmishes with government forces. A traditional enemy of Israel, Hezbollah has recently shifted its attention to Lebanon. Sunnis and supporters of the government have now become terrified to speak out against it: 'I doubt the Lebanese president can do anything about them because they see themselves as stronger than the state. They are a state within a state', says a leader of the Future Movement. Lebanese society is divided between pro-Hezbollah and pro-government factions, which is most visible in the hostility between Sunnis and Shias but has lately spread to other communities. With the 2009 elections looming, the Christian vote has become a vital political battleground. And in some ways the split emerging among them is more significant than the Sunni-Shia divide. Militias are forming in the suburbs of Beirut and tensions keep rising. Is this the build-up to a new civil war?