iRacing World Tour 2012 - Sebring 120minutes

The second road event of the iRacing 2012 World Tour and the third one overall. This time the event takes place at Sebring International Raceway. Race distance : 120 minutes Car(s) : Corvette C6R / Ford GT / HPD ARX-01c English commentary : Marius Golombeck & Rob Sutherland Enjoy!

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iRacing World Tour 2012 - Petit Le Mans 2.5 hours

idiots at iracing #4
starring #8 is Giancarlo Lenzi #9 is Daniel Schwiperich #10 is Mertol Shahin #18 is Afonso Meirelles

iRacing : Wrecked Half The Field Like an Idiot. (Indycars @ Pocono)
Pleasing result despite the events.

iRacing World Tour 2013 - 2.4h Daytona
The starting of the race can be found at 1:19:30 Sorry for the 60 minutes of interviews at the beginning, that was due to the service being down and causing the delay. Game : iRacing Broadcast : GlacierTV