iRacing World Tour 2012 - Sebring 120minutes

The second road event of the iRacing 2012 World Tour and the third one overall. This time the event takes place at Sebring International Raceway. Race distance : 120 minutes Car(s) : Corvette C6R / Ford GT / HPD ARX-01c English commentary : Marius Golombeck & Rob Sutherland Enjoy!

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Stupid TradingPaints downloader reset my subscriptions. Therefore some skins were old, some were left blank.

iRacing SkipBarber Premier Series - 02 Laguna Seca

This Is Indy: 2014 Indy 500 Trailer
We've attempted to create a couple of IndyCar videos over the years, but this, we have to say is our favourite. It started life as needing to fill the first 5 minutes of the 2014 16th St Indy broadcast, one of the most prestigious IndyCar Sim Races of the year. The videos before were good, but they were just missing something, and it took us a while to put our finger on it.... ... Then, it dawned on us. Indianapolis and the 500 go hand in hand. One doesn't exist without the other, and one couldn't survive without the influence of it's partner. So when you talk about the 500, you talk about the track, the race, the drivers. Each individual piece of the multi dimensional puzzle that makes up a history spanning over a century, which whilst often controversial, wouldn't be replaced by anyone who calls themselves a true fan of the greatest spectacle in all of racing. And so, "This is Indy" came to be. One of the most emotional, yet delicately beautiful pieces we've ever done. Somehow everything fitted perfectly right from the first line, and we're truly proud to present this piece to you. Audio: Wil Vincent Video: Andrew King