Hummer H2 Minotaurus Supercharger "MONSTER TRUCK" - 1.Ausfahrt

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HUMMER H2  フルカスタム ハマーH2 cellnumber8

Knight xv vs Hummer H2
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Hummer H2
This Is Part Of A Series That I Am Doing. This Video Is Of Wrecked/Totalled Hummer H2's. If You Have A Request, Leave It In The Comments. Make Sure To Click The Yellow Subscribe Button. I Know I'm Not The Only One That Loves Cars, And As Much As We LOVE A Shiny, New Sports Car, There's Nothing Like Seeing Said Car, On It's Roof. All Photos Contained In This Video Were Found on

Hummer H2 Minotaurus Supercharger "MONSTER TRUCK"- 6 inch Fabtech - 38x15.50x20 Rockstar