ISUZU D-Max Off Road

ISUZU D-Max Off Road

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ISUZU D-M@X pickup 4WD 3.0 TD 4x4 off road
Val D`isere 2009 ISUZU D-MAX pickup 4wd 3.0 TD

Malaysia's 1st 4x4 Reality Series - V-Cross Adventure Episode 2
In Episode 2, the contestants are required to drive a 4x4 up a cliff and after last episode's River Crossing experience, the teams have to attempt the challenge themselves! Which team will progress to the top of the rank after this episode's challenges? Six teams took the challenge to compete against one another to win the grand prize of RM 20,000, in Malaysia's first 4x4 reality series. The 6 teams are: Team Hakuna Matata: Ben J. & Shannon H. Team Jungle Jedi: Hafiz H. & Ivan S. Team Victorious Secret - Diana Danielle & Ezdiyannie Z. Team turbos: Vanaja S. & Thiruvaluver A. Team Blue Hedgehogs: Donovan N. & Balvinder S. Team Fun Hunters: Luqman H. & Syukri K. Armed with an ISUZU D-Max 3.0 V-Cross and an appetite for adventure, watch as these teams soldiered on through tough obstacles and each other. Follow us on facebook : Isuzu VCross Adventure Microsite: Isuzu Malaysia:

Isuzu D-Max vs Mitsubishi L200 - Pikapy bez wad?
Pikapy zyskały dużą popularność w Polsce głównie ze względu na korzystne ulgi podatkowe. Mało który właściciel takiego pojazdu wykorzystuje go zgodnie z przeznaczeniem. Tak narodziła się pomysł naszego testu. Sprawdzamy, czy luksusowo wyposażony pikap jest w stanie zastąpić osobówkę

Isuzu D max mud and sand offroad compilation
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