Adam's v8 turbo S10 at CWF Dyno

turbocharged S10 Dyno runs. More here: Still getting tuned, will have more updates later. CWF Dyno services

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Matt Crosby turbo s10 1st test drive low boost.MP4
Just a drive arround the block to log Boost and air fuel.

Twin Turbo S10
This movie was uploaded via Canon Utilities Movie Uploader for YouTube.

Adam's turbo v8 s10 test-n-tune from motor mile dragway
8-27 from motor mile dragway

V8 s10 Turbo pics
Heres to you SDIME406 you dumb fuck!! and to everyone else to show what a complete idiot SDIME406 is. these are random pics of ME building my s10 headers and all!! they are in no paticular order