Adam's v8 turbo S10 at CWF Dyno

turbocharged S10 Dyno runs. More here: Still getting tuned, will have more updates later. CWF Dyno services

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Matt Crosby turbo s10 1st test drive low boost.MP4
Just a drive arround the block to log Boost and air fuel.

Twin Turbo S10
This movie was uploaded via Canon Utilities Movie Uploader for YouTube.

V8 s10 Turbo pics
Heres to you SDIME406 you dumb fuck!! and to everyone else to show what a complete idiot SDIME406 is. these are random pics of ME building my s10 headers and all!! they are in no paticular order

Adam's turbo v8 s10 test-n-tune from motor mile dragway
8-27 from motor mile dragway