Car Emblem Removal

Car Emblem Removal

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Car Emblem Removal: "Do-it-Yourself" professional guide to removal and car polishing tips
Darren uses this 2014 GMC truck to show hoe to perform car emblem removal for the "do-it-yourself" person looking for professional level results. He also adds car polishing tips while using the Griot's Garage DA buffer along with Menzerna car polishes.

Car Paint Scratch Repair: Learn Darren's secrets for success and more straight talk.
When doing car paint scratch repair Darren is often asked which kit he uses and what he recommends. Darren keeps it real in this video has he takes you through one of the most extreme cases he has had to work on. Darren talks about the BS associated with not only the industry and paint correction, but what the paint touch-up kit companies will never tell you. Racatac rolling creeper: DeWalt polisher:

Car Debadging: Mercedes CLA 250
Just a quickie video highlighting this car debadging on a Mercedes CLA 250. Being diversified is a great way to stay busy and keeps the road ahead with ever changing scenery.

Car Emblem Removal and Install: BMW X5 car badge removal and M badge install
Car emblem removal and install with this new BMW X5. Learn different techniques and watch as Darren takes this car badge removal and installation from beginning to end.