Car Emblem Removal

Car Emblem Removal

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Car Paint Scratch Repair: Removing paint transfer, wet-sanding, car paint polishing,touch-up paint
Darren works on this new 4 series BMW to perform car paint scratch repair that involves multiple steps including removing paint transfer, wet-sanding, paint polishing, touch-up paint. Darren also applies some helpful tips of operating a mobile auto detailing business and managing customer expectations.

Car leather cleaning BMW
Traditional cleaning methods for car leather, vinyl, and plastic SUCK! Most cleaners and cleaning methods are ineffective. Learn tips from the world of professional auto detailing.

Car Emblem Removal: "Do-it-Yourself" professional guide to removal and car polishing tips
Darren uses this 2014 GMC truck to show hoe to perform car emblem removal for the "do-it-yourself" person looking for professional level results. He also adds car polishing tips while using the Griot's Garage DA buffer along with Menzerna car polishes.

Micro Fiber Cloths: The 9th Wonder of the World
Darren explains the what, why, and how of micro fiber cloths. Why are micro fiber cloths the superior choice in detailing, and Darren's systematic approach to color coding his micro-fibers in his professional auto detailing business.