Electric Header Cutouts on 1968 Dodge Dart 340 Six Pack !!

Well, got the electric cutouts on the car. They work great!!! If you look closely in the video you can see them opening and closing. Also, the new M&H Cheater slicks are on with the new Cragars. The clicks are on 14x6 Cragars and are 28 inches tall 8.00/8.50 wide. These are their reproductions of their old 60's cheater slicks. They are tight!! About 1/2" to the front of the wheel opening and about 1/2" to the top of the wheel opening. I am considering taking a little metal out of the wheel lip to give them some more room. Also, if you look at the front tires, they are NOS Astro Supreme 7.75-14's. They have that great nostalgia super stock look to them and give the car a little more lift in the front over modern radials. Wtith the new super stock springs, slicks, and skinny front tires, it gives the car a really good stance and all it needs now is a paint job!! Future plans are a more radical cam, aluminum heads, and a vintage Hurst dual gate shifter. I would really love to bust this car into the 11's!! Stay tuned!!!

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First Drive With New Slicks and Front "Skinnies" on 1968 Dodge Dart 340 six Pack!!
Well, the new M&H cheater slick are on and so are the NOS front Astro "skinnies". I took it out for a test drive and it hooks well, no burnouts yet though... There was a slight issue with some tire rub on the passenger side so I "modified" it. That took care of the problem!! The car really has a great vintage super stock stance now!! Can't wait to do a big old burnout!! Stay tuned...

Dodge Dart Unloading

1966 dodge dart
pretty bad ass. i wanna get me a slant 6 myself. i helped my buddy build the purple on in the video. that one is 1972 with the 255 slant 6. i love these old dodges.

2009 Hemi Challenger & 1971 Dodge Demon 340 @ Milan Dragway Race Track HD
2009 Hemi Challenger & 1971 Dodge Demon 340 @ Milan Dragway Race Track. Frank drove his 2009 Hemi Dodge Challenger stock 4 speed and Godfather takes Franks 1971 Dodge Demon 340 sixpack down the strip the first pass at Milan Dragway test & tune Sunday 10/17/2010. Then Franks takes his Demon Mopar street machine and runs an 11:69 time at 118 MPH on pass 2 A short still photo slideshow follows and then GODFATHER takes Randy's vintage 1964 Dodge Polara 440 red convertible down the track for a test run. GODFATHER RACING 31pockets Drag Racing Reality TV on youtube Godfather Racing home page http://godfatherracing.net/index.html