Linny J....... Outrageous Escalade on 28's

Linny J....... Outrageous Escalade on 28's see the pictures at: Visit the website for updates, photos, videos, etc. etc. Instrumental - On LJ

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Outrageous g35 and 2012 maxima
Outrageous g35 on 22" operas and outrageous 2012 maxima on 26 davins at d dub show

Linny J...... iDoThis For You visit the website for more picture and video coverage of my travels. also find out where I am I going to be fimling and what is coming up & new with me.

Outrageous Cadillac Escalade on 28" Asantis Pt.2 - 1080p HD
Another clip of the Outrageous Daytona Beach Escalade on Asanti 28's. This time you see the sun hitting the paint, and the paint looks like it's GLOWING! Green to Gold flip... Loved it! Member of Swift Miami C.C. In Orlando for Florida Classic weekend 2011.