How To Kickflip In Less than 2 Hours for Beginners - How To Kickflip - Rob Dunfey here showing how to kickflip. And today I'm going to teach you how I went from never landing a kickflip to landing it every 9 out of 10 tries. And it's a simple four step technique that any Skateboarder can implement. How To Kickflip 9 out of 10 tries. Just follow these four steps that I'm about to teach you and go on and practice it. You'll surely be able to do the same thing. It's scientific step by step technique that I've taught hundreds of Skateboarders on how to kickflip just like I have. The first step is learning the proper foot position on the skateboard. First step, is getting your foot place correct. Getting your front foot towards the front of the board and getting your back foot on the tail of the board. Number two, getting a good "pop". With your back foot, you need to place it on the tail of the board. Your front toes should not be over the front of the board or over the back. When you get down, into the back of the board, you're hitting off with the big ball point on your foot. That ball point should be directly centred into the centre of the board. The front foot should not be too far back. It has to be above 50% of the skateboard but behind of these two front balls. And let me show you why that is. If your back foot is too far back, you're going to be doing too much work for your kickflip. Your front foot throws off like that. Whereas if your front foot is further up, it's going to be doing a lot less work. Step 2, is getting a good solid "pop" off the back of the board. The louder the sound of the pop, the higher the front two wheels are gonna go. And the better the kickflip you're going to be able to do. So a powerful "pop" starts with a hard pushing down into the back foot but also a centred "pop" into the centre of the board. Step 3 is after you hit that "pop", is to slide your front foot up to hitting this point on the skateboard. You draw the line down the centre of your board and put a point 25% from this side of the board and that's exactly where you wanna flick. Your front foot needs to be angling to hit exactly towards that spot. If it's too far angling back you're going to completely miss that spot hence you'll be flicking over here either causing it to do a half spin or to not spin at all. You can do the same thing virtually by hitting more towards the centre of the board kicking your foot straight forward like as you're doing with an ollie. Like can bring the front of the board down causing you to not come high enough to do the kickflip in the first place or having you in here kickflip that's spun down like this. Step 4, is landing the kickflip after it spins to catching the board on all four bolts on the sides and looking at the direction of where you're going and riding away. Now I'm about to show you me land more than 10 kickflips in a row using the very same technique. After you're done watching this video, replay it over and over again so you can learn how to kickflip as me.

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