Supercharged BMW 540i Vs. SRT8 Charger w/ Prdtr tune & CAI

Two friends out racing with very fast cars. Supercharged bmw 540i and a Charger SRT8 w/ Predator ecu tune & CAI. On the second run I had two passengers.

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500hp Supercharged Dinan 540i/6 Review!
Here is a little review and more in-depth details on the supercharged 540i. Its real fun and fast, yet easy to drive. I hope you guys enjoyed watching it as much as I did filming it!

BMW E39 540i vs. a Lambo german H.way would he drive faster?
Drive over german Highways about 250km/h

E39 2.8 Supercharged vs E36 M3 GT
BMW Club Kazakhstan, Track Day 2011 season. E39 2,8 Supercharged vs E36 M3 GT

BMW E39 540i Supercharged versus Naturally Aspirated
Two pulls/races. First pull is a 50mph rolling start. Camera car is in 4th gear to test and opponent is in 3rd gear. Second pull both cars are in 3rd gear with a 50mph start. Camera Car: M62TU 6-Speed, VF-Engineering supercharged, Magnaflow 16858 dual Exhaust, x-pipe, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) Manifold, 3.15:1 differential. 3.25''/6'' pulley's (~10 PSI), TTFS Tune. Guest: M62TU 6-Speed, Magnaflow x-pipe, dual Exhaust, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) manifold, 3.15:1 differential, ~200lbs weight reduction. Best 1/4 (quarter) mile trap is ~104mph.