How to build a P-port RX8 rotary engine

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How to Port a Rotary Engine For More Power
Looking to add more power to a rotary engine? Well one way to do it is to port the irons for more flow and we show you just how it's done through a Mazda 13B bridge port. Our Patreon page: Our Shopify page: Follow us for up to the minute project updates: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

THE RENESIS - Ported RX8 Engine Buildup
This REC video is of an assembly that one of our USA customers asked for. REC offers assembly videos as an option to all customers who order our engines. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more!

4 Rotor Hybrid Race Engine Build for 767b Mazda Race Car
Building a Custom 4 Rotor Race Engine for a Mazda 767b Mazda Race Car at CLR Motorsports in Miami, FL. See website: for all your rotary engine needs.

Rotary engine
rotary engine, 6,000 rpm