MotorDyne Shockwave Dual & V2 TDX comparison

Motordyne Shockwave V2 TDX and Motordyne Shockwave Dual))) Exhaust comparison. Both have Motordyne ART pipes. Update #2: All of you that commented on my car being 5AT will be happy to hear it's in the middle of a 6MT swap with a proper clutch (twin disc carbon). Update #1: My G is no longer black, it's been blue and supercharged for a couple of years now. I don't check this video often, so send me a message on Facebook (Fab Vilches), or @g35Fab on IG, if you have a question regarding the cars or parts.

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Infiniti G35 with Full Custom exhaust LOUD AS HELL (Mod list in description!)
A friend's G35 with a custom Exhaust (True dual leading to X pipe with single resonator then straight pipes back.) Link to my photography page: Follow me on Instagram: @rfriesphoto LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! MOD LIST: Custom fabricated intake manifold · AEM cold air intake · 125 shot Nitrous kit with purge . Vqde35 with Forged internals (second motor in car;-)) · Short shifter . Megan racing headers · Tein coilovers with EDFC (EDFC is an electronic damping unit that allows you to soften or tighten suspension) · Engine torque damper · Custom Exhaust with 3" pipes- True dual leading to X pipe with single resonator then straight pipes back. · Custom paint (black with silver pearl under dura dip custom black gold by Dip N go · Carbon fiber hood and trunk from carbon creations · Led halo lights wirth HID bulbs . All led lighting under car and in engine bay · Custom fit greddy front end bumper and rear diffuser · Roof spoiler · Changed tan interior out to black and had interior plastic pieces painted the same color as outside of car · Sway bars · Brembo brakes · Pioneer Avic head unit with Memphis audio speakers, 1000 watt amp and 2 10" subs · All interior led lighting · LED lighting everywhere · Custom Axe Alloy Wheels 20" EX 12, 10.5" wide all around

Infiniti G35 - Motordyne Dyno Retune - 37whp/45wtq GAIN
283whp and 270wtq were the final numbers. Peak power gained another 13whp/10wtq, overall gain was 37whp/45wtq. My original Dyno run is in my video's, this is a re-tune. The original owner to a 2005 - Infiniti G35........6MT.......VQ35DE-Rev-Up All mods are the same, except on my old tune, my Exhaust was Invidia Gemini and resonated test pipes. Purchased the Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 and Motordyne ART pipes about 2 years ago. Worth every penny due to the sound. Now, I decided to get a retune to see the provable difference. I found the answer to my question, yes each part change needs a retune for you to gain it's full potential. Even if you already have a Dyno tune. Motordyne ART pipes do as advertised by making more power across the curve than strait pipes. The low end power is where the most gains were, throughout the curve. RPM - Gain 2500: +3.5whp, +7wtq 3000: +8whp, +14wtq 3500: +5whp, +8wtq 4000: +4whp, +5wtq 4500: +4whp, +5wtq 5000: +5whp, +5wtq 5500: +8whp, +8wtq 6000: +10whp, +8wtq 6500: +6whp, + 4wtq 7000: +7whp, +5wtq Old Dyno Run-----Mustang Dyno--------- Base Numbers: 245whp/211wtq Tuned Numbers: 269whp/246wtq Performance Mods: - KW v3 Coilovers - Injen CAI - NWP 75mm throttle body - Motordyne MREV2 - Motordyne 5/16th spacer - Motordyne v3 ART pipes - Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 Exhaust. Tony at Motordyne, was a rocket scientist designing the R-4D-16 dual mode rocket engine for JPL there were all kinds of challenges in ensuring the performance and reliability of the rocket engines. One of the greatest challenges was designing an injector to produce smooth and stable combustion of the fuel and oxidizer in the combustion chamber. There were occasionally these acoustic instabilities (tangential modes) in the combustion chamber that could be excited and start a run away condition that could quickly destroy the engine. To address this problem he used Helmholtz resonators inside the rocket engine to damp out the acoustic tangential modes. A tangential mode is basically a shockwave that would spin around the inner circumference of the combustion chamber analogous to a supersonic tornado at 20K Hz. Not unlike detonation, this tangential mode would scrub off the boundary layer, radically increase the heat transfer into the chamber walls and result in a catastrophic failure. Helmholtz resonators were the solution to these tangential waves. By properly tuning the Helmholtz resonator to the frequency of the tangential mode you could either magnify or eliminate the shockwave. These can be used on a fully modified Exhaust system to make additional power. Traditionally, if you already have an intake mod, headers, test pipes with a full catback Exhaust and tune, that was the end of the line. There was no more left to gain. ...But not any more. Uprev Software Tuned on a Dynapack by Tim at Xact Dyno in Tempe, AZ Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) {OFFICIAL INSTRUMENTAL}

G35 vs Supra
A modified Supra runs into a group of modified G35s, then lines up with a Vortech supercharged G at a light. The honks at the beginning are when we first notice the Supra, even though you can't see it from where my camera is mounted. We give him an open lane, he bites, and things get pretty crazy from there. Enjoy! Edit: Camera car = Saturn Sky Red Line

The Power of 2.5- vs. 3-Inch Exhaust - Engine Masters Ep. 9
You're sitting around with your typical street/strip V-8 and wondering, should I get 2.5-inch-diameter Exhaust pipes and mufflers, or should I go 3-inch? In this episode of Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, we will help you decide, giving answers about power, tuning, and weight on 2.5- and 3-inch systems. You'll also find out about a very simple combo for 600-plus horsepower from a 454 Chevy! Finally, thank you to our new supporting sponsors, Mr. Gasket and Earl's Plumbing! Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Instagram @EngineMasters