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M3 E30 V10 sound + wheelspin
Short video of this wonderful BMW M3 E30 with a S85 V10 engine. Visit for some photography

Ultimate BMW E30 Sound Compilation
Follow me on Instagram : Google+ : --- Add Me on Google+ To help get my Channel Verified ✔ Thank you! YouTube's ultimate E30 3-series compilation (V8,Straight-6,turbo,2JZ,Anti-lag etc.) Subscribe for weekly uploads! Facebook Page :

E38 V12 vs V8 | TestDrive Showdown
Everything has been leading up to this episode of TestDrive Showdown. Almost 2 years after buying our 2001 BMW 740iL we've been looking to feature the V12 version on our show. We've featured other E38s and covered the chassis extensively but never had the pleasure to drive BMW's Ultimate Driving Machine the way it was meant to be driven. This TestDrive Showdown is on the 2001 BMW 740iL and the 2000 BMW 750iL, V8 vs. V12. This is a supplemental followup video to previous E38 episodes we've done, so if you haven't watched our Spotlights and E38 Buyers Guide videos, please view them first. We show the major differences with the two cars, and take them both for a drive to see which is better and why the V12 is so sought after. TestDrive is proudly produced in the Montérégie Region of Québec, Canada. This video was filmed in Mississauga, Ontario, Niagara, Ontario, and Acton, Québec.

[HOONIGAN] DT 075: 1200HP Twin Turbo Diesel Burnouts (Old Smokey F1) On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Scott Birdsall brings Old Smokey F1 bye to kill some tires. 1200HP is enough to lay waste to his rubber in mere seconds and cover the entire neighborhood in smokey goodness. Special Thanks to: Scott Birdsall @chucklesgarage Follow Our Crew: @brianscotto @vin_tra @hertlife @hngn.kikawa @jchase7452 @joey_baggadonuts @brandonkado @sunsetsnbooze @teaguefleury Watch DT every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW YT Subscribe: FB: IG: Website: Turn on notifications so you don’t miss out noob. Stay fresh with the latest apparel: Intro Song: Music: Want your music featured in our videos? Hit us up at to submit your tracks. Shot on: Canon M3 Sony RX100 V Sony A7Sii DJI Mavic Pro Toys: Crazy Carts XL