BAVSOUND - Pt 2/2: BMW E46 3 Series '98-2006 - iPod / iPhone Kit - Mediabridge / DUO Install Guide | Part 2/2. This video covers the complete process for installing a DICE Mediabridge or DUO Multimedia Kit and Bluetooth Microphone in an E46 3 Series BMW (other late model BMWs are similar but we release specific videos all the time). Simple to install these kits provide iPod/iPhone connectivity, Bluetooth voice and music streaming, USB input, Aux Input and Satellite Radio (in the case of the DUO, iPhone/iPod and Sat Radio Only) in your 3 Series or M3.

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Bavsound GHOST Subwoofer Gasket Installation Process

BAVSOUND Stage One - Mini Cooper (R-Chassis) Speaker Upgrade - Front Soundstage Installation Video Improve your Mini Cooper audio sound quality simply and effectively with these Plug & Play Bavsound speakers! This video describes the complete procedure for removing factory speakers in any 2007 or newer Mini Cooper and replacing them with Bavsound's STAGE I factory speaker upgrade kit for dramatically improved audio clarity and depth.

Bavsound E36 Tweeter and Midrange Replacement Grilles - Installation Video Available NOW! Call in to order at 1-888-878-5520 or shoot us an email to Available only in black for $99, for 1996-1999 E36 3 Series. Will work with 1995 E36 with 3.25" diameter midrange grilles.

BAVSOUND BMW Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Replacement Guide 2017 Version
NOTE: If your vehicles OEM Subwoofer housing does not have a pre-applied gasket, you must install the included gasket as shown in the following video: The torque setting for the four T50 seat bolts its 45 Ft/Lbs. to replace your BMW Base, HiFi, or Harman Kardon (Logic 7, Premium) front Underseat Woofers for clean, tight, accurate and punchy bass response? Let Bavsound take you on a journey to phenomenal bass response with this remarkable installation guide which shows you just how easy and plug & play this replacement woofer set really is! In an hour or less you can transform the bass frequency spectrum in your late-model BMW!