StarCity Racing - N/A low buck Windsor on the street

Out messing around one night, what does anyone think it'll run?

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Birmingham Washwood Heath - Landor Street or The Track
This film shows the cars which use Landor Street as a track at night. It was shot by people from the Washwood Heath Youth and Community Network - who have been working to move this sort of driving of the streets of Hodge Hill in Birmingham. They are taking part in a pilot called the Neighbourhood Performance Reward Grant or NPRG. This short introductory film was made for a conference in The Hague in January 2008: To comment and for more information from the Grassroots Channel podcast visit this blog post or subscribe through iTunes with this link: itpc://

Thunder vs Spoon
Uh epic...

StarcityRacing Cruise Night racing 2010

WW8 Final Brent Foster Vs. Andrew Lennon
Final at Windsor Weekend 8