Mad Turbo Stang

Tym Lynch 4.6@163

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3000hp Ron Stangs twin turbo mustang waking up the neighbors
Instagram -rystang87

NEVER GIVE UP - 3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang comeback(original footage)

1200 Hp 8 sec Twin Turbo Mustang trying to do a wheelie on street
Two T-67's 381 cu, AFR 225's on E-85 Servion tuned, Elite turbo's "Billy Baddass TT Street Kit" Revolutions Performance Snow Meth injection

900HP Porsche 991 Turbo S! - MAD sounds and flames!
Facebook: Here is another new arrival to London. A Porsche 911 '991' turbo S The car's modifications are enough to make it make huge sounds on overrun, and pop some flames! Flickr: Tumblr: