SXE10-CREW Haciendo Desastres en Santiago lol..!!

Mis Hermanos del SXE10 embullándose haciendo par de Burnout's..!

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TrackXday Movie 1.1
Todo lo que no se vio en el TrackXday Movie :), una actividad del Sxe10 Crew RD realizada en el Autodromo Mobil 1. Enjoy. • Twitter: @sxe10crewrd Para ver el video TrackXday Movie click en el link

Sxe-10 Crew @ Toyota Day
Sxe-10 Crew @ Toyota Day

SXE10Crew dyckman meet
Originated in the Dominican Republic, Sxe10 crew dedicates their passion for the car lifestyle through their Lexus IS 300's. Yes, they are only a car club for 300's. They have only been rolling thru the streets of New York since Summer 2011. Taking it all the way back to DR, this crew shows how to really modify the first generation Lexus IS/Altezza's the right way. They are never seen rolling alone due the strong team unit they stand for. Welcome to New York City guys! Did we forget to mention the fun you can take out of a rear wheel drive car?

Sxe10 LEXUS is300 ALTEZZA is250 is350 Donuts
Orlando Power, Prod and Edit (Jose Ricard Film) Cars Sxe Rd Crew Music  Inna-Hot_(Electro_Remix_By_AvivC) Inna- Hot - Mr Solo & Omar Salcedo (Remix)