Short shifter before and after

before and after. Short shifter plate install.

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Quick Shifting vs. Powershifting
BEFORE YOU COMMENT : -The purpose of this video is only to show the difference between quick shifting and powershifting. -Constructive comments are welcome. -Stop whining about the shape of the transmission. I don't drive like that all day everyday, and it still shifts like butter (must be done properly though). -Whining about the position of my hand on the steering wheel is also irrelevant. I usually drive with both hands on it, but during the making of the video I happened to let one hand on the shifter because I felt like it (multiple shifts on a short time). -Thanks for watching and let the VTEC kick in, yo ! VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Quick lifted shifts vs full throttle powershifts. Powershifting means that you never leave your foot off the gas while shifting. Also added some rev matching near the end.

Buddy club short shifter before and after
I honestly don't know how to feel about it yet, it feels tighter than the stock one but I haven't driven it yet so I will let you guys know. via YouTube Capture

BMW e36 Short shifter Before/after
My e36 320 fitted with Motornords shortshift.

Civic Ep3 Type-R Short Shifter before and after