Råhällan - Skogenracing 2012-10-27

Ett snabbt ihopklipp från dagen

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AWD Drifting the Mitsubishi Evo 10
Taking my Evo for a 4WD drift power slide at a local cometition at Råhällan in Sweden. At this point the cometition was already over and this was the free riding at the end :)

counter-strike 1.5 old school 5vs5 cs
Counter-strike 1.5 ... 5vs5 .. oldschool.

Grenada Drag Racing 17/03/2013 Creedkool Teaser
For Best Quality...Turn on HD... For more of our work check out facebook.com/creedkool...

TeamDuja @ skogenracing 5kamp
Drifting hagsta, råhällan 25/9 2011