Macau Tower Bungee jump 3rd

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World's Highest Bungee Jump ᴴᴰ (Backwards!)
Officially the world's highest commercial bungee jump at 233 m/764 ft. Jumping happened 5th Jan 2012 from Macau Tower, Macau; China. It was wet, it was windy and my God was it scary.

World Highest Bungy Jump: Backflip at AJ Hackett Macau Tower
My 2nd jump with AJ Hackett Macau! Thrilled to be back. More to come! Thanks to all friendly AJ Hackett Macau crew!

Top World's Most Dangerous and Scariest bungy jump
This is amazing, I would never dare to do perform any of these stunts.

Nevis Bungy Jump Crazy
134m Nevis Bungy Jump, New Zealand Once in a lifetime experience and would definitely recommenced. Next up.. Macau Tower at 233m!!