powercruise 29, 2011. supercharged V8 ford Capri, CRZY69. supercharged small block ford, 6/71 ford

CRZY69 tears up the track @ powercruise 29 (fri 4/3/2011) with its pump fuel 720hp blown 380ci cleveland.

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800hp Blown Small Block cruising the streets, BK race engines CRZY69
cruising the streets of Sydney, powered by a BK Race Engines supercharged small block ford

650hp capri looses it
650hp capri stands on it and has a close encounter with...

Custom Ford Supercharged V8 Capri walk-around, CRZY69 All Ford Day Show 2015
CRZY69 supercharged Ford V8 Capri at the All Ford Day Show 2015

SUPERCHARGED V8 FORD CAPRI, blown 6/71 small block ford, supercharged ford