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HONDA Dream CB77始動
CB77 305ccエンジン組立後始動動画

Classic Motorcycle Review : Honda CB77 Superhawk
Classic Motorcycle : Honda CB77 aka Superhawk At the start of the Sixties, motorcycling in Europe was heading into one of its darkest periods, America was rediscovering the joy of two-wheeled transport and Japan (led by Honda) was planning the revolution which would kick-start the world market. In 1959 Honda revealed its global ambitions, setting up the American Honda Motor Company and entering its first Tourist Trophy. In order to take over the New World and Old Europe, Honda devised a strategy based on customer psychology. Honda launched its top-of-the-line sports bike, the 250cc CB 72, in 1959; its brother the 305cc CB77 "Super Hawk", appeared in 1961. The Super Hawk was Honda's first real commercial success, it would overshadow the finest European marques right up to its replacement by the CB350K in 1968. Its flowing lines contrasted with the marque's angular touring models and the CB 72 and 77 incorporated many innovations, like electric starters, four-bearing crankshafts (English bikes had two bearings!) and engines that ran at an unprecedented 9000rpm. With low slung handlebars, they were designed to be raced. ------------------------------------------------- Links ------------------------------------------------- Our Channel : Subscribe Here : Facebook Page : Twitter : @Oto_Bike ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Related Search Keywords: ------------------------------------------------- honda cb77 superhawk, honda cb77, classic motorcycle, all time best motorcycle, honda cb77 superhawk specs, honda cb77 review, honda cb77 superhawk review, honda cb77 superhawk history, honda cb77 engine, honda cb77 gearbox, honda cb77 headlight, honda cb77 images, honda cb77 specifications, honda cb77 weight, honda cb77 1965, honda cb77 1961, 1966 honda cb77 superhawk 305, 1963 honda cb77, 1966 honda cb77 specs ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Copyright Information ------------------------------------------------- All copyrights reversed to their respective holders. No infringement intended, all copyrighted images, trademarks and logos are used under "Fair Use" and belong to their copyright holders. -------------------------------------------------

60's honda pure sports mind s ! so sweet, fantastic sound s.

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