Daniel Sigurdarson - Rally GB 2009 contender - MMC Evo X

A short video with Daniel Sigurdarson, the Icelandic Rally Champion, which will be competing in Rally GB 2009 in his MMC Evo X. Brought to you by Daniel´s fans :)

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mitsubishi evolution wrc
mitsubishi evolution wrc,un dia de pruevas,para mejorarlo...............(impresionante).........

WRC GB 2009 Highlights Daníel Sigurðarson
Highlights from the Rally GB 2009 WRC event. Daniel, driving the Mitsubishi EVO X nr 70, was setting some fast times on the first 3 stages. Ranking nr 28 overall after both SS1 and SS2 he caught up with the car in front on both SS1 and SS3 and was held up but despite that he was ranking 31 overall after SS3. On SS4 problems started and he and Andrew Sankey had to stop when the broken Exhaust pipe directed smoke right into the car with both driver and co-driver at risk of the chemical fumes, and Andew was flown into hospital with an emergency helicopter. He was discharged from hospital later in the evening after treatment. After a good night sleep and with the service crew fixing the problem they continued the next day but with heavy penalties with Daniels dream of setting a good overall time crushed. Despite the diffculties and numerous challenges throughout the event, he and Andrew showed good sportmanship and continued to finish the rally in Cardiff Bay and finishing in 41st place overall. Video Recorded by the DS Fan Club ( Elvar Örn and Jón Þór) and edited by Elvar Örn Reynisson Video over jump (Rheola) taken by Andrius Žilinskas

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400