Honda Mtx Sh Sound With Hot Engine

Honda Mtx Sh Sound With Hot Engine, tell me what you think :) Yea the front fender s off because i need to install an other part but it didnt fit so i have to custom it first.

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Honda mtx r2 rijdt weg

Daves MTX 125 - Fix and Test.
Daves MTX 125 - Fix and Test. Was a nice evening and the field had recently been harvested so Dave and I decided to get the Bike out and try get it going. this is also a test of my new camera setup, the quality is lowered for YouTube. I film in 720p and render to a very compressed file, so the quality is lower than normal but my file size is really small.

Honda MTX-SH (49,9cc moped demo video)
Honda MTX-SH demo video. Dutch video with subtitles in English. A story about the Honda"M-series" mopeds. Dit is een demo over de Honda MTX-SH. Eind jaren tachtig een populaire brommer. Waar vele van ons 40érs met plezier naar terugkijken. Kijk naar deze video en koop ook een Brommer..

Honda MTX200RⅡ キック始動
MTX200RⅡ 冷間時始動です、真冬でも大抵1~2発で目覚めます。不 気車種で地味ですが、動画が少ないのでアップしまし (画像の縦横比が横広でスミマセン)。ヒマ潰しに見 やって下さい! Manufacturing MTX200RⅡ in 1985 motorcycle of two cycles made in Japan