Bisimoto 700whp D16Z 1990 Honda Civic Turbo Wagovan

Our impromptu, yet detailed look at Bisimoto's 700 wheel horsepower 1990 Honda Civic turbo Wagovan, which is powered by a D16Z engine and a huge turbonetics BTX6565 ball bearing turbo. Shot on the fly at a car meet using our Canon handheld camera; completely unedited (except for the addition of our web address). For more photos, check

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Turbo Honda Dominates STREET RACES!
We’ve seen this BIG turbo Honda Civic street racing before at TX2K and in the midwest, and he’s back again to take care of a high horsepower Evo, LSX RX-7, the Spoolbus Blazer, and many more! This Civic weighs NOTHING, and when you throw a turbocharged K20 in it, it’s a lethal combination that will take down just about anything in it’s horsepower range! Making right around 700hp, this thing was an absolute blast to pull up on other street cars and take them out! -------------------------------------- Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

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k24 all motor 400,3 hp INSIDE CAR..!

B-Series Vs K-Series Engine Swap What's More Practical?
For the Price of both which do you believe is better option as of right now? If you have a K swap in your integra/civic Let us all know how much it cost you for the entire thing! (I'm curious) ___ If anything I say you believe is wrong just let me know and I will correct it if I have to. Instagram: Middletonfilms

Worlds Fastest All Motor Acura RSX
K Phonix gave us the opportunity of filming their world record breaking all motor RSX. This is a very clean, very streetable RSX making 335whp naturally aspirated. Fastest time to date is 11.3