::on Board with Tatsuru Ichishima CIVC SPOON TYPE R ::

Tatsuru Ichishima founder of SPOON SPORTS. on board of the new FD2 Civic Type R,3 laps at 25 hours of Thunderhill, willows CA December 2007. www.OPAKRACING.com

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[ENG CC] What Is Spoon (Part 1) - ft. Spoon Civic R EK9 & E-AT Group A
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: http://itr1920.blogspot.com/ What is Spoon? Find out in this informative video which goes to very beginning of Spoon company. You'll find out what makes Honda and Spoon stand out in racing world. Starring Spoon CEO Tatsuru Ichishima, Pro drivers Hattori Naoki (Spoon EK9), H. Okada (Spoon E-AT). Featured cars in 1st part are Spoon Civic EE group A version and Spoon Civic Type R EK9 1.8l. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gqUKGs7txo

After our fun on the Wangan...now we on our way via the Shinkansen to kyoto to go hang out with some of the spoon drivers and workers..."PLAYING AROUND"(nothing too serious) all thru the streets of a kyoto hill side at evening traffic hour...love the sounds of these cars... for the music go here...\/ ! m e o d o t c o m / 4 5 6 1 1 3 8 7 "I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED HERE-IN"...this is strictly for entertainment use only...

New SPOON CIVIC TYPE R FD2, Jeff Westphal at INFINEON ::
Amazing inside footage in the new FD2 Civic Type R SPOON,at Infineon during a track test before the race Jeff Westphal with the OPAK RACING team.... www.opakracing.com

Spoon - Type One Interview: S2000 - Type R Rigid Collar Gusset Plate
http://www.gtchannel.com for more car content and videos. A complete overview of the newly-remodeled TYPE ONE tuning shop in Japan. Tatsuru Ichishima, the owner and founder of both TYPE ONE and SPOON Sports, provides a detailed description of current and former car projects. Bonus footage included!