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Audi S3 impressions and sound

better sound@1080p; stock; no optimal conditions: summer tires @-7°C/19.4°F and wet road; launch control: slip at 1st gear


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Stelvio Audi S3 tutti i tornanti
23 min di tornanti, sulle orme di top gear....

Audi S3 sound
Turn up your volume, sounds much better in HD resolutions

Audi S3 2009 In Street /sound
The nice car with pretty sound

Audi S3 crazy acceleration
Audi S3 acceleration

Audi S3 8P acceleration using launch control 0-140
Acceleration using launchcontrol. 363hp~470Nm by JD Engineering. Carbon air intake system Full Milltek Exhaust H&R springs approx 0-100 time in this movie is 4.8 sec.

audi S3 the white pearl PART 1

Audi S3 0 - 200 0 - 100 8p 2.0 TFSI 280PS Facelift
Audi S3 MJ2011 2.0 TFSI, Quattro ~280PS, 380Nm The Street for testing goes slightly upwards, no downhill running. Shift is slightly bad. :)

2007 Audi S3 Coming Home Leaving Home function
Your path safely illuminated Leaving your car at night can sometimes be hazardous -- especially if you're in an unfamiliar place. With coming home/leaving home function, you can see your way is clear. How does it work? The car is equipped with a sensor that measures the amount of ambient light and reacts accordingly. If it's dark, the lights go on. Leaving your car When leaving the car in the dark, the front fog lights, taillights and number plate light remain on and only turn off after a specified time, which can be easily set up using the Multi Media Interface. This allows you to use the car's lights to guide you to the front door of your house, for example. Returning to your car Similarly, when you unlock the doors remotely, the car's interior and exterior lights switch on, so you can find your way to your car in the dark. Coming home/leaving home light technology is standard on all Audi A6s.The coming home and leaving home features offer increased comfort and security around your Audi. When exiting the vehicle, the front fog lights, tail lights and license plate light remain on for an extended period after locking the doors (coming home). When approaching the vehicle and unlocking the doors via the radio-operated remote control, these exterior lights are also switched on, to light the way to the vehicle in dark situations. For Audi vehicles equipped with Multimedia Interface (MMI®), the coming home delay time is adjustable, for example, to coincide with the time needed to walk from the vehicle to the front door. What's New: The R8 GT is a very expensive and very limited edition of Audi's supercar; only 333 will be produced for the world, and a mere 90 will come to America. Engineers whittled down the weight with extensive use of carbon fiber. Lightweight is the word with the R8 GT: The fixed carbon rear wing saves 11.5 pounds, the rear bumper and diffuser drop another 17.6 pounds and the thinner carbon side blades rid the body of 3.3 pounds. Besides all the carbon, a lighter battery cuts 20.7 pounds and thinner carpeting shaves 17.4 pounds. The windshield is lighter than the standard R8's, and so is the Exhaust system. In all, the American version of the R8 GT saves 180 pounds over its ordinary cousin, and European models save another 40 pounds on top of that thanks to a polycarbonate engine cover and sport seats. Still, at 3538 pounds, the R8 GT bound for our shores is no flyweight. Read more: 2012 Audi R8 GT Test Drive - Audi R8 GT Supercar Review - Popular Mechanics

Audi S3 Launch Control

Audi S3 Accelerating Sound
muito lindo, único nessa cor no Brasil, tração quattro, motor 2.0 turbo com 256 CV, muito massa !!!

Audi RS3 - BMW 1M

Audi S3 Sportback - driving and sound! 2009
Audi S3 Sportback / 265PS / Exclusive / 0-100 km/h in 5,7 Sek! Strecke: Altmühltal Eichstätt / Bayern / Germany

Audi S3/RS3 (380HP) vs the best!
My own version of the all new Audi RS3. This is my custom tuned Audi S3 as featured in October's edition of the Australian Motor Magazine hot tuner challenge vs some big hitting challengers from the likes of: AMG C63 Subaru STi Evo X Chev Comaro Lotus Elise Supercharged Supercharged M3 Stage 2 & 3 VW MKVI Golf GTI & Golf R Porsche GT2 & GT3 BMW 135.. and much much more Modifications as per shoot out: - Revo Stage 2+ ECU Tune - Miltek Full turbo back Exhaust - Forge/BMC Hybrid Cold Air Intake - APR High Pressure Fuel Pump - AP Racing 2 Piece 365mm Rotors - AP Racing 6 Piston Calipers - Pagid RS29 Race Brake Pads - Goodridge Braided Steel Brake Lines - Whiteline Anti Lift/Castor Kit - Bilstein PSS10 adjustable coil overs - H&R 24mm Front Adjustable Sway Bar - H&R 26mm Rear Adjustable Sway Bar - Recaro Sportster Bucket Seats - Dunlop DS03G Semi Slicks ***** Results will be posted on youtube soon ****** For all your VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche and BMW high performance tuning needs visit http://www.peakrpm.com For all your high performance braking needs visit V-Sport at http://www.vsport.com.au For all your handling and suspension needs visit Whiteline at http://www.whiteline.com.au For all your video footage needs visit Serious Media at http://www.seriousmedia.com.au For the best in and on-car camera mounts visit camzilla at http://www.camzilla.com.au Thank you to all who helped to make this car happen!

Audi S3 Crash Ausgang Brünnchen - Nürburgring Nordschleife
Audi S3 Unfall - man sieht wie schnell etwas auf der nordschleife passieren kann. wird leider sehr oft unterschätzt - ob überschätzung oder unvermögen...

Audi S3 Sportback 2,0 TFSI 265 hp Launch Control Feature in Action
As part of an extensive package of features, Audi included a launch-control mode that gives you the best possibility of testing the real 0 to 100 km/h values. This feature requires the rather popular DSG. Here is how it works: Step 1: Disable ESP Step 2: Floor the brake all the way Step 3: Shift into S-Drive Step 4: Continuing to hold the brake, full throttle on the gas Step 4: Release the brake While the RPMs won't go much higher than 1800 before actually releasing the brake, the Audi S3 Sportback takes off like a rocket as soon as you do let go of the brake. In less than 6 seconds (official manufacturer value: 5,6s) you will surpass the 100 km/h mark and after approximately 22 seconds you will go past 200 km/h. Needless to say, this is one sweet ride and the S3 Sportback never ceases to amaze regardless of what may be down the road.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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0-400 Tune 2 Race, Engine: 3.2 Audi Engine,

2009 Audi S3 Sportback: 11.554 @ 119.620
JS, Engine: 2.0TFSI, Turbos: Stock K04

2015 Audi S3 Emmanuele Design Project S3 l GIAC Stage 1: 12.297 @ 110.770
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2003 Audi S3 : 12.530 @ 114.020
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1999 Buell S3 Thunderbolt: 12.824 @ 106.380
B Renstrom, Tires: Pirelli Diablo Corsa

2014 Audi S3 Sedan: 12.870 @ 106.060

2007 Audi S3 S3 QUATTRO: 14.020 @ 101.900
Jacinth Chetty, Engine: 2.0 TFSI, Turbos: Yes

2002 Audi S3 quattro: 14.902 @ 95.149
Aleksandar Djukanovic, Engine: 1.8T, Tires: 225/45/17


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