6.0 Swap IROC vs Cammed 02 Z28 vs Stage 3 SRT4, Lightning 3 Way, 383 LS1 RX7 vs 57mm Eclipse

6.0 LS1 Swap 88 IROC vs Cammed 02 Z28 vs Stage 3 SRT4 Lightning 3 Way Race 383 LS1 Swapped RX7 vs 57 Trim turbo Eclipse

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6.0 IROC vs 250 Shot Notch & More
88 IROC w/ HCI 6.0 LQ9 vs 88 Notch w/ HCI 306 & 250 Shot Bolton 02 Z28 vs Cammed & 100 Shot 05 Silverado 00 Lightning vs Trailblazer SS Vortech & Cammed 02 GT vs T04E turbo Civic Bolton 02 Z28 vs T04E turbo Civic

Green Monster vs. IROC-Z
Christian and Justin, being.. well, being guys.

iroc ls1 in the street

1988 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z LS1/T56 H/C/I
1988 Iroc-Z LS1/T-56 Swap, I'm gauging interest on possibly selling it. I have it listed here. The tune needs to be gone through so it will idle right off a cold start. 6:43 for those that want to hear the car run instead of my trap lol.