'56 Vicky in Fast Lane

Lane's '56 Ford hardtop sets out for home. The old Y-Block sounds ready.

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1956 Ford Fairlane 292 Straight Pipes
The 56 Ford after having the mufflers cut off and straight piped. Gotta love the sound of those 50s V8 engines!

1956 Ford Victoria Commercial
1956 Ford Victoria Commercial

1956 Ford Fairlane at the Gas Station
Well, it's not everyday you see one of these classic old 1950s automobiles drive up to the filling station, but here it is, spotted in Kingman Arizona. The guy said many people think it's a Chevy. Nope, it's a restored Ford Fairlane 2 door hardtop car, pretty red and white. I guess it doesn't have the original motor, I think it would need leaded gasoline which service stations don't sell anymore.

John's 57 Ford Y-block drag racer
factory supercharged 57 ford Y-block